Saturday, August 28, 2010

am goin out

is nite time and now i go out on patrol round my house, i swear i saw that white cat again today he no allowed on my house he smells. imma go nterogate birds to findf out n leave te corpsess for david

chairman meow out

bye byes internet

am hungry for fishy trweats

am hungry but dere is only round biscits in bowl and david isnt heer to feeds me maybe i go sleep on the good couch until he gets back

A personal blog by David's Cat:

Today I only eated the fish shaped cat biscuits out of my bbowl and left the circle shape and diamond shaped cat biscuits behinf

why i do this?? nobody knows

maybe gtommorow i only eat circle shaped biscuit,, maybe i break open fridge and eat all of tuna who gives a butt you can"t tell me what to do i am a cat deal with it